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Projects in Progress since January 2020

Natasha Chaku proposal: Prospective and retrospective reports of pubertal timing Visit

Maria Luna proposal: Early Adulthood Measure of Frailty and the Shared Associations with Processing Speed Performance Visit

Shandell Pahlen proposal: Etiological pathways between smoking behavior and cognition across the lifespan: A behavior genetic approach Visit

J. Megan Ross proposal: Cannabis use and physical health outcomes using a co-twin control design Visit Cross-linked to Center Revised MS

Daniel Gustavson proposal: Childhood Musicality and Adult Cognition Visit Cross-linked to LTS Revised MS

Jean Choi proposal: Parenting Stress and Mental Health in Midlife Visit Cross-linked to LTS

Claire Morrison proposal: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Stress, EF, Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors Visit Cross-linked to LTS

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