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Projects in Progress have been moved to the top level of WIKI!!

Please view projects in progress here. IBG projects intersect each other in many ways, so it is easier to view them all in the same place. THIS SPREADSHEET includes all active CATSLife projects and can be sorted based on dataset.

Projects in Progress since January 2020 (last updated December 2022)

Ryan Bruellman proposal: Recommended MET Minutes Per Week to Offset Considerable Sitting Time Visit

Ryan Bruellman proposal: Fruit, Vegetable, and Fiber Intake Based on Neighborhood Food Source Quality Visit

Anqing Zheng proposal: Genetic and environmental influences on cognitive reserve and its relation to frailty Visit

Anqing Zheng proposal: Phenome-wide search of cognitive reserve: using three large scale cohort studies Visit

Jean Choi proposal: Objective and Subjective Neighborhood Contexts and Mental Health: The Moderating Roles of Gender and Educational Attainment Visit

Alexandra Orozco proposal: The Association of Autoimmune Disease with Cognitive Processing Speed Visit

Reynolds Lab proposal: CATSLife video game genre and associations with impulsivity Visit

Natasha Chaku proposal: Prospective and retrospective reports of pubertal timing Visit

Jean Choi proposal: Parenting Stress and Mental Health in Midlife Visit Cross-linked to LTS

Daniel Gustavson proposal: Childhood Musicality and Adult Cognition Visit Cross-linked to LTS Revised MS

Elijah Knapp proposal: Capturing the Relationship Between Spatial Structure and Individual Outcomes: Variation in the Concept of “Access to Parks” and its Association with BMI Visit

Maria Luna proposal: Early Adulthood Measure of Frailty and the Shared Associations with Processing Speed Performance Visit

Claire Morrison proposal: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Stress, EF, Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors Visit Cross-linked to LTS

Elizabeth Munoz proposal: Associations between environmental characteristics and cognitive function Visit Cross-linked to LTS

Chloe Myers proposal: Evaluating brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)-cognition associations via BMI and physical activity pathways: A Behavior Genetic Approach Visit

Shandell Pahlen proposal: Etiological pathways between smoking behavior and cognition across the lifespan: A behavior genetic approach Visit

Chandra Reynolds proposal: Accessibility to parks and trails and physical health measures in CATSLife: evaluating selection Visit

Chandra Reynolds proposal: Sleep & Cardiometabolic pathways to Cognitive functioning Visit Cross-linked to LTS

Chandra Reynolds proposal: Application of Video Game Demand Scale (VDGS) to CATSLife leisure time gaming activities Visit

Chandra Reynolds proposal: Neurofilament light chain (NfL) and cognitive performance Visit

J. Megan Ross proposal: Cannabis use and physical health outcomes using a co-twin control design Visit Cross-linked to Center Revised MS

Paige Trubenstein proposal: The Importance of Place in Adults Approaching Midlife Visit

Paige Trubenstein proposal: Activity engagement and cognitive trajectories Visit Cross-linked to LTS

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