Sally J. Wadsworth, Senior Research Associate
Ph.D. 1994, University of Colorado

My CLDRC research interests center around the use of behavioral genetic methods to study individual differences in cognitive abilities and disabilities, and their relations with academic achievement and behavioral problems. Collaborations with other Center investigators have focused on assessment of the genetic and environmental bases of Reading Disability, ADHD and their comorbidity. In an exciting extension of this work, we are conducting a longitudinal follow-up of CLDRC participants as part of a new component of the Center (Project VI), a continuation of the Longitudinal Twin Study of Reading Disability (LTSRD, DC005190; These data will be combined with follow-up data previously collected, as well as with data from the International Longitudinal Twin Studies of Early Reading Development (ILTS; R.K. Olson, E.G. Willcutt, PIs; HD0038526;, recently funded to extend testing of a population sample of twins through ninth grade (HD068728). This will facilitate more powerful tests of the developmental etiologies of reading/writing difficulties, ADHD and their comorbidity, as well as factors that may influence positive or negative outcomes.

Other related research includes collaboration with Center co-investigators to conduct a genome-wide screen for quantitative trait loci that increase risk for reading disability and ADHD using data from the largest sample of siblings with RD ascertained to date (Erik Willcutt, P.I.; HD047264).

The long-term goal of the combined work of these projects is to identify genetic and environmental risk and protective factors that predispose children to reading and writing difficulties and academic success versus failure, thereby informing instruction and remediation approaches.

My interest in reading ability and it’s interrelations with cognitive abilities and academic achievement over time is reflected further in my work with the Colorado Adoption Project (HD010333; S. J. Wadsworth, PI;, now in it’s fourth decade, exploring the broader relations between lifespan development, cognitive aging and health.

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Representative Publications:

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Sally Wadsworth

Ph.D. 1994
University of Colorado

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Boulder, CO 80309-0345
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