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CADD Discussion 6/15/2016:

a. Summarized subject counts from CTS and LTS twins for the SAM and SAM supplemental questions.

b. Discussed using alcohol and tobacco phenotypes to get longitudinal information about frequency and quantity

c. One problem: lack of consistent questions across 3 waves of data.

Solutions and next steps:

a. Using Monitoring the Future (MTF) questions to look at quantity and frequency (not available for Wave 3)

b. Combining variables:

- SAM V1/V2: Frequency of drinking (days/weeks) in last year + # drinks on average per drinking days in last year

- SAM V3: Total # of drinks in a typical week in last year + # drinking weeks in last year

- MTF V1/V2: # drinking occasions/week, # drinks/occasion

- SAM supplement V1-3: typical pattern of drinking + days drinking in last 180 days

c. Including binge drinking measures from SAM and MTF

Slides available: CADD 6/15/2016]

MLS Discussion 6/15/2016:

1) summarized participant recruitment, participant ID numbers, assessment schedule, and sample descriptives.

2) summarized potential variables of interest: variable labels, computation to create composites if available, variable coding

3) data visualization: 5 number summaries and histograms for selected ages.

4) discussed issues with missing data, mismatched coding in documentation and data, missing variables of interest

Future plans

1) fully examine documentation including MLS data orientation, pedigree, measures, and codebooks

2) acquire additional data to include more variables of interest

3) try to identify why some data is missing- skip outs or missing in T wave years?

4) find data on birth year and recruitment group

5) separate phenotypes by gender

6) confirm rescoring structure for variables that do not match codebook

Slides: MLS 6/15/16]

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