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The history of SES coding for CATSLife subjects

  • Bluebooks (see page S-25) filled out by the CAP biological, adoptive, and control parents when children entered the project included questions about present occupations, highest-ranking occupation (past & present) & longest-held occupation. These occupations were originally scored using the Hawaii NORC scaling used in the Hawaii Family Study of Cognitiion.
  • TIP parents filled out a similar set of questions when their children entered the project.
  • LTS-only parents filled out a demographic survey at 14 months that was scored using the New NORC
  • When CAP s LTS subjects reached age 16, any occupations listed in their versions of the Bluebooks were coded using the New NORC
  • Scoring at later ages used the Newer NORC scoring

A history of the sequential development of the Prestige and SEI (status,education,income) scores.

NORC scoring presents an overview of SES coding through the General Social Survey (GSS) of 1989. The GSS is conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago.

  • The oldest NORC that has been used in CAP was based on occupational titles from the 1950 census and referenced in Reiss (1961).
  • The Old NORC was the one developed from 1960 census codes. Codebook used by Denise Daniels to score Old Norc, Old SEI, Hawaii NORC, New NORC and New SEI is found here: Job title index to six SES measures
  • The Hawaii NORC was an adaptation of this used for the Hawaii Family Study of Cognition
  • The New NORC was the scoring from the 1970 census by Siegel and described in the Hauser & Featherman (1977) book. Coding for New NORC
  • The Newer NORC was the scoring from the 1980 census codes by Keiko & Treas (1989). Coding for Newer NORC
  • The Newest NORC was developed from 2010 census codes (used for SES scoring in COMN project). Coding for 2010 census codes

SES references

Reiss, A.J. (1961). Occupations and social status. New York: Free Press

Hauser, R.M. & Featherman, D.L. (1977). The process of stratification: Trends and analysis. New York: Academic Press.

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