Component II

Clinical Family and Community Twin, Family, & Adoption Studies

We are collecting a third assessment in young adulthood on the clinical families and community family, twin, and adoption samples participating in the Center, with detailed assessments of risk behaviors. This will enable us to conduct a truly innovative behavior genetic study of the development of substance use and problems, antisocial behavior, and HIV/AIDS-risk behavior and their interrelationships.

The combination of three types of unselected sibling groups (biological siblings, monozygotic and dizygotic twins, and adoptive siblings), together with highly selected clinical probands and their siblings, permits a level of triangulation of results that is unique in behavior genetics.

One product of component 2 will be the development of maximally heritable phenotypes for use in the GWAS in component 1. A second product will be the identification of samples selected for high and average levels of behavioral inhibition for use in component 3's brain imaging studies.

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