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This is a list of the files and programs used at the 2018 Workshop.

The files are organized by presenter. The Workshop schedule can be used determine which presenters discussed which topics. The schedule can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

Complete file collection

The complete collection of files, and PDF schedule, can be downloaded as a single zip file. The collection can also be browsed directly.

View files by presenter

Software used at the Workshop

  • sgene by Shaun Purcell. Sgene is a Windows only program which shows a graphical representation of how changes in allele and genetic parameters affect the distribution of phenotype scores. The downloads is a Windows .exe file, which will probably cause your browser to complain about a potentially dangerous file type. There is no installer, simply run the sgene.exe program. It will work under wine on Mac OS or Linux.
  • R. R is a freely available platform for statistical computing, and is required to run OpenMx and umx.
  • OpenMx. OpenMx is freely available software for use with R which allows for fitting a wide range of multivariate models.
  • umx. Umx is freely available software for use with R and OpenMx which is designed to make fitting structural equation models easier.
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