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Please sign up below (one person per lab meeting) for speaking at lab meetings this semester. Please prepare slides and please take a few slides to introduce background to the problem so that other people in the lab understand what you're doing and can contribute to the conversation.

Wed Sep 7

Emma - present on UK Biobank ROH analysis & possible plans

Wed Sep 14

Luke - comparative methods project

Wed Sep 21

Wed Sep 28

Gargi - dissertation

Wed Oct 5

Piyush - present plans on using networks to detect SHs in FISHR

Wed Oct 12

David - TBA

Wed Oct 19

Maia - present results on DevCon

Wed Oct 26

Jeff - ethnic correlation results

Wed Nov 2

Richard - TBA

Wed Nov 9

Hannah - schizophrenia PRS on subthreshold symptoms (?)

Wed Nov 16

Zhen - dbGaP study progress

Wed Nov 30

Rasool - present on SH process

Wed Dec 7

Stephanie - TBA

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