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Rasool -

  1. Finish IQ ~ GxSES submit by December
  2. submit Mathematical Bio NSF grant in November
  3. Figure out if we want to try to do another GeneEvolve MS or work on shared hapltoype stuffs

Luke -

  1. submit K01 in October
  2. have snp-h2 comparison method paper to HRC by end of November
  3. shared haplotype h2 paper draft done by end of December

David -

  1. Submit GSCAN exome paper
  2. have draft of initial co-twins paper
  3. have experimental plan for GSCAN animal follow-up

Zhen -

  1. complete adding dbGaP studies into GSCAN by end Sept
  2. submit psychometric MS on GenesForGood by end of Sept
  3. pass comps by end of Dec

Richard -

  1. submit recidivism MS with Soo by end of Oct
  2. Intro & Methods written for the Candidate Genes MS by end of Dec
  3. do analyses on aggression & attentional probs with Danes consortium by end Dec

Maia -

  1. get all of DevCon datasets cleaned and smoking & drinking phenotypes created
  2. revise & resubmit return of results paper

Emma -

  1. submit the candidate gene paper by early Sept
  2. defend dissertation proposal by end of Dec
  3. have done analyses & decided on whether to continue ROH project by end of Oct

Amanda -

  1. have baby

Piyush -

  1. IBD2 & IBD4 - and put this into FISHR - by mid Sept
  2. finish writing a new program to use network analyses to detect SHs - by end of Dec

Jeff -

  1. have results for ethnic genetic correlation project complete by late Oct

Stephanie -

  1. Complete biometric factor analysis of behavioral disinhibition in CO and MN
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