Web Based Password Change at IBG

Web based password changing will only work from on-campus computers. From off campus the CU VPN must be installed and running before online password changing will work.

Where to Go

The URL for password changes is https://ibg.colorado.edu:901 Pages may be slow to load, please be patient.

The quick instructions: Follow the above link, login and enter your old (current) and new password at the appropriate places.

For more detailed instructions it is probably easiest to right-click on the above link and select Open link in new window (or whatever is appropriate in your browser) so that these instructions can be seen at the same time as the password change window.

Initial Login

Before anything is shown on the web page a login window will be presented:

Internet Explorer 7 login window

Enter your username and existing password into the appropriate boxes. If you have multiple IBG passwords, this is the same username and password that you use to access IBG e-mail, such as Squirrelmail.


The browser will now show the SWAT page:


Click on the Password button.

Password Change Page

Two password dialogs are displayed. Only the Server Password Management section is important, Client/Server Password Management should be ignored.

Server Password Management

  1. The appropriate username should already be entered into the User Name : field.
  2. Enter your current password into the Old Password: field. This may be different from the password just used to access the this page. This password is the same as the one used to login to the IBG Windows domain (the one used when logging into Windows with ctrl-alt-delete). It is probably the same as the password recently used, but it may not be.
  3. Choose a new password:
      • The password should be 8 or more characters long
      • Include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation
      • Do not use the characters : # ' [ ]
      • Do not use any dictionary word no matter how obscure
    • Do not share your password with anybody
  4. Enter your new password into the New Password : and Re-type New Password : fields.
  5. Click Change Password.

If the message shown is

The passwd for 'IBGuser' has been changed. 

then the password has been updated. The e-mail and Windows passwords are now the same.

If the message shown is

Could not connect to machine NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE 

then the Old Password : password was incorrect. Try again taking care to enter the old password without typos, or perhaps trying a different password. If this message continues to appear then contact Jeff Lessem to reset your password.

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