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     * F4 combined file: [[https://​​mydms/​out/​out.ViewDocument.php?​documentid=50| F4 (post-4th) data]]     * F4 combined file: [[https://​​mydms/​out/​out.ViewDocument.php?​documentid=50| F4 (post-4th) data]]
     * IT-F4 combined file: [[https://​​mydms/​out/​out.ViewDocument.php?​documentid=5| IT-F4 data]]     * IT-F4 combined file: [[https://​​mydms/​out/​out.ViewDocument.php?​documentid=5| IT-F4 data]]
 +    * Post-9th grade file: [[https://​​mydms/​out/​out.ViewDocument.php?​documentid=4767| Colorado-only data from post-9th grade follow-up]]
 **ACCESS for non-SPSS users** **ACCESS for non-SPSS users**
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