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Status Report for Environmental Measures

Updated 10-Aug-2020

Scope of the Environmental Measures file

  1. Family Background measures including SES measures - parental education, parental jobs
  2. Preschool exposure measures (hrs/week, focus)
  3. Print & READ Exposure
  4. School measures including whether twins were in same and different classrooms

Contents of current file - last updated 20-Jun-2011

  1. CSAP - School performance scores from Colorado for years 2003-2005
  2. Same or different classrooms for F1,F2,F3, & F4
  3. Parental education - averaged years of education from Qs 13 & 14 of the READ survey (several alternates)
  4. Parental Age and ethnicity from birth records in CO
  5. Birth measures (Updated to Health file)
  6. READ survey items at Pre-K (IT)
  7. PRINT survey items at Pre-K (IT)
  8. Father & Mother TOWRE (collected around F2)

Status of environmental measures by country

  1. Classroom status - close to complete in all countries
  2. Parental education - needs work
    • Multiple iterations for projects at different timepoints (Robin Peterson, Anne Bernard)
    • Different category reference points in different countries
    • Change in educational status over IT-F4 interval not in file
  3. READ survey - 80% or more in all countries but Sweden
  4. PRINT survey - 80% or more in all countries but Sweden
  5. Parental TOWRE - Approximately 60% for fathers and mothers in AUS, 30% fathers & 80% mothers in CO, no data from Scandinavia

Open Questions

  1. What variables can be added to the environmental file?
    • School information from AUS
    • Occupation codes from Emily Bullen's file (do not have raw files with occupation codes)
    • Children's book titles (items and/or # correct/ # incorrect) CO version book titles
    • Do the versions of education used by different students (Emily Bullen, Robin Peterson, Anne Arnett) converge on the same yrs of education figures after examining the educational categories from each country
    • What demographic variables specific to each country are missing (race/ethnicity, 2nd language in home)?
    • How up to date are the current files (Spreadsheet by country?)?

What appears to be missing

  1. Occupation codes from Emily Bullen file from all sites
  2. Later demographic data from CO
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