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Status Report for Environmental Measures

Updated 10-Aug-2020

Scope of the Environmental Measures file

  1. Family Background measures including SES measures - parental education, parental jobs
  2. Preschool exposure measures (hrs/week, focus)
  3. Print & READ Exposure
  4. School measures including whether twins were in same and different classrooms

Contents of current file - last updated 20-Jun-2011

  1. CSAP - School performance scores from Colorado for years 2003-2005
  2. Same or different classrooms for F1,F2,F3, & F4
  3. Parental education - averaged years of education from Qs 13 & 14 of the READ survey (several alternates)
  4. Parental Age and ethnicity from birth records in CO
  5. Birth measures (Updated to Health file)
  6. READ survey items at Pre-K (IT)
  7. PRINT survey items at Pre-K (IT)
  8. Father & Mother TOWRE (collected around F2)

Status of environmental measures by country

  1. Classroom status - close to complete in all countries
  2. Parental education - needs work
    • Multiple iterations for projects at different timepoints (Robin Peterson, Anne Bernard)
    • Different category reference points in different countries
    • Change in educational status over IT-F4 interval not in file
  3. READ survey - 80% or more in all countries but Sweden
  4. PRINT survey - 80% or more in all countries but Sweden
  5. Parental TOWRE - Approximately 60% for fathers and mothers in AUS, 30% fathers & 80% mothers in CO, no data from Scandinavia

Open Questions

  1. What variables can be added to the environmental file?
    • School information from AUS
    • Occupation codes from Emily Bullen's file (do not have raw files with occupation codes)
    • Children's book titles (items and/or # correct/ # incorrect) CO version book titles

What appears to be missing

  1. Occupation codes from Emily Bullen file from all sites
  2. Later demographic data from CO
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