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 ====== Documentation for the computer systems at IBG ====== ====== Documentation for the computer systems at IBG ======
 +===== Connecting to the IBG servers =====
 +  * [[computing:IBG Servers|IBG servers]] available for use.
 +  * [[computing:ssh|Connecting with SSH]] to get a command prompt or to transfer files.
 +  * [[computing:webssh|Web based SSH connections]] to get a command prompt with nothing except your web browser (and maybe some plugins). This includes links to use **MINDTERM** and **AJAXTERM**
 +  * [[computing:windows 7 domain|Joining a Windows 7 computer to the domain]] Allows for signing onto the IBG domain and access of network file shares
 +===== Changing your password =====
 +  * [[computing:online password change|How to change your password through the web]]
 +  * [[computing:passwd|How to change your password from a command prompt]].
 +===== Reading e-mail at IBG =====
 +  * [[computing:imap|IMAP clients, such as Thunderbird and Outlook]]
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