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Twin Research

International Society for Twin Studies - The International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS) is an international, nonpolitical, nonprofit, multidisciplinary scientific organization. Its purpose is to further research and public education in all fields related to twins and twin studies, for the mutual benefit of twins and their families and of scientific research in general. The Society was founded in Rome in 1974.

The Southern California Twin Project - The Southern California Twin Project coordinates a series of research studies of twins. The primary goal of this research is to understand the roles of heredity (genes) and environment (culture) in producing individual differences in human behavior. Topics of investigation include personality, cognitive abilities, mate selection, antisocial behavior and delinquency.

Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry - This site provides information on current and past research projects and results from many of the research projects in which MATR twins and their family members are participating.

The Twin and Temperament Center - The major focus of the Wisconsin Twin Project (WTP) is studying the emotional development of twins. Individual differences in emotional reactivity, mood, and temperament form the basis of personality, represent major substrates of vulnerability to psychopathology, and also contribute to physical health and diseases. Studying all types of twins allows researchers to identify both genetic and environmental influences on development.

Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology - This center at St. Thomas' hospital in London studies the genetic and environmental factors associated with aging and lifestyle and inherited causes and effects on disease development.

Minnesota Twin Family Study - The Minnesota Twin Family Study seeks to identify the genetic and environmental influences on the development of psychological traits. It is the largest research initiative within the Department of Psychology and is composed of several independent projects

The Center for Study of Multiple Birth - The Center's purpose is to stimulate and foster medical and social research in the area of multiple birth and to provide help to parents with the special problems they and their offspring will encounter".

Louisville Twins Study - One of the largest and longest running twin studies in the United States.

The Twins Foundation - The Twins Foundation is an international membership organization and primary research information center on twins and other multiples.

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Twin Organizations and Literature

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (NOMOTC) - Our goal is to improve public awareness of the needs of multiple birth children by fostering development of local support groups, enhancing the quality of educational materials available to parents, educators and others and by cooperating with and participating in research projects which involve twins and/or their families.

Twins Magazine - Articles, message boards, clubs, shopping and all things 'twin'

Twinstuff - is the web's largest community for twins. Includes information, research and message boards.

Facts about Multiples - Facts About Multiples is an online encyclopedia about multiple births, includes lots of interesting and strange facts about twins.

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Genetic Sites

Genetic Science Learning Center - Resource for students, teachers and families that explains genetic concepts and how they relate to our lives. Includes online activities, labs, experiments and workshops.

DNA from the Beginning - An animated primer on many genetic concepts, including the basics of DNA, genes and heredity.

The US Human Genome Project - The official site of the HGP provides the visitor with information on the history, timeline and goals of the Human Genome Project.

Human Genome Project Information - A more in-depth site which explores the research being done with the HGP as well as the ethical, legal and social issues which are arising as scientists map the human genome.

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University of Colorado, Boulder - CU's homepage. Here you can take a 'virtual tour' of the CU campus and find out more about campus life, research and various academic programs that CU has to offer.

Boulder Community Network - This site offers information on everything about Boulder, from current weather conditions and news, to festivals, shopping and entertainment opportunities in town.

City of Boulder - Government and current city and county issues as well as services offered by Boulder County.

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